Our Story






Hey there, I'm Cali, the
face behind Butter Me Up Co.

My office is full of color, chaotically messy, and has Holiday music playing in it year round. I love fall & Christmas, and let's not forget, Pumpkin Spice everything. Typical, I know.






I married my wonderful husband in 2018 - and am now balancing being a (cool) Mom of a 1 y/o & 2 y/o, and my humble little Butter Me Up business. Amidst the chaos, much time is also spent dreaming of even more little feet that will hopefully fill our home as we grow our little family. 


I grew up in southern Saskatchewan, where my family (present company included), lived and operated a certified Organic farm on the homestead my Father's family settled on when they arrived in Canada from Belgium - with the shirts on their backs and the promise of a better life in their hearts.


With my upbringing rooted in such modest surroundings, I learned to appreciate simplicity. My Mom & Dad also shared this love and desire of the simple life & took little pleasure in extravagant purchases and wasteful spending. My Dad worked the fields and pastures, harvesting grain and raising cattle, and my Mom planted acres of vegetables & fruit, alongside being a teacher. They still found the time to make everything. Homemade breads, baking, crafts, bath salts, EVERYTHING. My Mom even made beeswax candles when I was small, and I like to think that is what sparked something in me to create.


Later in life, I was pondering what to get my hardworking parents for Christmas. That fall, after a long day working in the garden dirt, I noticed my Mom's hands were cracked and worn. That next week I decided I would make her a balm to repair her cracked skin. After receiving the gift at Christmas, my Mom went back to work and shared some of the balm with her coworkers, who contacted me to purchase some for themselves.


My small idea of making a heartfelt gift for my Mom, quickly grew into a full fledged whirlwind of developing recipes based on MANY batches of trial & error - learning each step of the way. Word of mouth followed my first Facebook post, and soon enough my hobby turned into a business. Butter Me Up was born.




In 2016, Butter Me Up Natural Bath & Body was born. In 2018, we launched a subscription box that has been fantastic, & we recently completed a complete overhaul of our brand and have changed our name to Butter Me Up Co.


 I believe there lies importance in both a firm handshake & a tight hug, integrity & honesty in my work & business affairs, and a humble & kind approach to every aspect of life.



Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I will continue to work hard to make the best products for my friends and family to use, and I hope more than anything I continue to grow and evolve, both as a small business, and always, as a person.